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Senior Java Developer

Що робити?

  • development of web-form for data entry;
  • development of web-services for interaction with external systems; jdbc, MQ, Spring;
  • development of objects in the database Oracle-12.

Що потрібно?

  • at least 3+ years of relevant work experience of backend development;
  • excellent knowledge OOP;
  • excellent knowledge of Java SE, Spring, Hibernate;
  • good knowledge of Quartz, AspectJ, Velocity, Tomcat app server;
  • experience with thin / thick multi-user applications
  • experience in Jdbc, xml, mq, web-service’s;
  • advanced knowledge of refactoring techniques, anti-patterns and code smells;
  • ability to communicate and advocate a proposed technical solution;
  • english — intermediate.

Які умови?

  • opportunity to join one of the strong teams of the banking sector;
  • realize yourself and your experience in new projects, in order to make customers more convenient products;
  • official employment, paid vacation and sick leave;
  • network of training programs;
  • comfortable work conditions.

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