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Raiffeisen Leasing Aval

Principles of Raiffeisen Group

RBI Group Code of Conduct

Guidelines for Ethical Marketing in RZB Group PDF, 128.4 KB

Restrictions in the relationships with customers

Dear Customers!

Raiffeisen Bank Aval Public Joint Stock Company, as a participant of Raiffeisen international banking group, places strong emphasis on the compliance with national and international standards of counteraction to fraud, corruption, money laundering and terrorism financing.

Financial services of Raiffeisen Bank Aval cannot be used to carry out prohibited transactions, in particular, the following:

1) related to the actions prohibited/restricted according to the sanctions of Ukraine based on the Law of Ukraine On Sanctions;

2) directly or indirectly related to the types of activities, which are prohibited/limited according to the decisions of authorized international bodies and certain states (in particular, the UN Security Council and its committees, EU, USA etc), the policy of the Bank and Raiffeisen Group;

3) carried out with or to the benefit of the persons, to whom international sanctions are applied according to the decisions of authorized international bodies and certain states, the policy of the Bank and Raiffeisen Group;

4) transactions with the signs of risky activity in financial monitoring area and/or which may cause a violation or risky activity.

According to the laws of Ukraine, the Bank in its activities complies with the sanctions of Ukraine implemented based on the Law of Ukraine for the protection of national interests, national security, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and counteraction to terrorism.

According to international legal obligations of Ukraine, the Bank complies with the international sanctions of the UN, according to the UN Security Council and its committees. The policy of the Bank as a participant of Raiffeisen Group also presupposes mandatory compliance with the sanctions implemented by the European Union and the Unites States of America (insofar as Raiffeisen Bank International AG, the controller of Raiffeisen international banking group, complies with them).

The use of the Bank’s services for prohibited transactions (including carrying out prohibited transactions under accounts, the transfer of funds without opening an account for prohibited transactions, the use of own or credit funds of the Bank for direct or indirect financing of prohibited transactions) constitutes the grounds for refusal to provide services to a customer, closing of an account or refusal to carry out a transaction, provide a loan, or other consequences stipulated by the law of Ukraine or concluded agreements. The customer shall provide justification of the fact that the customer’s transactions are not prohibited transactions, including by providing the documents confirming that.

1. The types of activities, which are prohibited/limited according to the decisions of the authorized international bodies (in particular, the UN Security Council and its committees, the EU Council etc), the policy of the Bank and Raiffeisen Group

  1. Terrorism (financing of terrorism)
  2. Drug trafficking
  3. Prostitution
  4. Corruption and bribery (receiving/providing/promising/demanding improper advantage) 
  5. Money laundering
  6. Human rights violation, in particular:
  • Violation of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of 04.11.1950;
  • Violation of labor law and law on social security of Ukraine;
  • Violation of international UN treaties and the acts of international organizations for human rights;
  • Violation of the rights of local population and indigenous people.

The Bank may not be involved in carrying out the transactions supporting the manufacture of products/goods/services, which may be used for abolition of demonstrations, political unrest or other violations of human rights.

  1. The activities, which may cause lasting detrimental effect upon the environment, e.g. destruction of rainforests, pollution of environment, waters etc. The customer’s activities shall not violate the law of Ukraine and the international treaties on environmental protection.
  2. The activities related to the supply of war materials, including weapons, military equipment, which can be used for internal repressions or aggression against foreign states, the supply of war materials to the states, in which armed conflicts are ongoing or expected.

The Bank establishes business relationships with gambling businesses only on condition that such activities comply with the requirements of the law of Ukraine.

The bank does not establish correspondent relations with shell banks.

2. Transactions prohibited or limited according to the international sanctions

International sanctions PDF, 1.28 MB

3. Sanctions of Ukraine

4. Risky activities

The signs of risky activities are determined by the National Bank of Ukraine; in particular, the signs are as follows:

1) Customers carry out financial transactions that do not have documented confirmation of obvious economic expediency (sense) and/or if the customer has not provided documents (information) regarding its financial status, content of its activities/financial transaction, its real financial capacities, or in case that the customer’s financial transactions do not correspond to the documents (information) available at the Bank regarding the financial status and/or content of the customer’s activities (social status). Please pay attention that a financial aid/loan agreement is not a documentary confirmation of the source of funds and may not be accepted by the Bank to carry out the financial transaction;

2) financial transactions, which have a nature or consequences giving grounds to believe that they may be related to the withdrawal of capital, legalization of illegal income, conversion (transfer) of cashless funds into cash*, fictitious business activities, tax avoidance etc. (in particular, related to the withdrawal of cash, transfer of funds abroad, purchase and sale of securities, unintended use of the persons’ accounts etc.);

*Signs of risky cash transactions PDF, 154.9 KB

3) financial transactions, which have a nature or consequences giving grounds to believe that they may be related to the avoidance of the compliance with the requirements and restrictions provided for by the banking, currency law and financial monitoring law;

4) initiating/carrying out financial transactions using lost, stolen documents or documents bearing the signs of forged or void (invalid) ones;

5) financial transaction carried out by a customer who is a PEP, related person or connected person of PEP without providing documented confirmation to the Bank regarding sources of funds (assets, rights to such assets) sufficient to confirm his (her) actual financial capacities to carry out or initiate a financial transaction;

6) repeated financial transactions carried out by the customer, which consist in the transfer of funds abroad as advance payments (prepayment) under the foreign economic agreement(s), under which the contractor(s) repeatedly violates/does not fulfil the terms and conditions of the respective foreign economic agreement(s);

7) financial transactions carried out by the customers, regarding which the Bank has no opportunity to take sufficient actions to define their ultimate beneficiary(ies) [controller(s)] and/or regarding which there are reasons to believe that they use agents, nominal holders (nominal owners) or intermediaries with a view to conceal ultimate beneficiary(ies) [controller(s)], including if the Bank has found the information about the ultimate beneficiary(ies) that does not match the information specified in the Unified state register of legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and public organizations;

8) Bank has suspicions/assumptions, which are based on the results of the analysis of the available information and may confirm that the financial transaction or its participants, their activities or sources of assets are related to the legalization (laundering) of illegal income or financing of terrorism, or related to other socially dangerous act, which is defined by the Criminal Code of Ukraine as a crime, or to which international sanctions are applicable.

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Core Perfomances of the Bank*

as at 30 June 2018
billion UAH
Paid-in capital6,15
Equity capital9,29

* in compliance with IFRS(unaudited)

Exchange rates

Raiffeisen Bank Aval*NBU*

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** including usage for foreign currency loans repayment in the self-service centers

100  $2803.360900
100  ˆ3194.710100
10  Ðóá.4.219100

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** including usage for foreign currency loans repayment in the self-service centers

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