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Raiffeisen Leasing Aval

Raiffeisen Bank International

Raiffeisen Bank International AG (RBI) is part of the Raiffeisen Banking Group in Austria (RBG), the largest and strongest banking group in the country in terms of balance sheet total. The RBG represents about one quarter of the Austrian banking market. With its 434 autonomous, local Raiffeisen banks, the RBG has the densest network of banks in the country with around 1,500 outlets. The RBG employs about 29,000 people in Austria.

The RBG has a three-tier structure comprising the autonomous, local Raiffeisen banks, the regional Raiffeisen banks at provincial level and the RBI. The autonomous, local Raiffeisen banks are private cooperative banks and owners of the regional Raiffeisen banks of their respective province, which in turn are the core shareholders of RBI.

1st tier: The 434 autonomous and locally active Raiffeisen banks and their around 1,500 outlets as well as the regional Raiffeisen banks and specialised companies form a comprehensive and extensive network of banks. The autonomous and locally active Raiffeisen banks are universal banks that offer banking services and are at the same time owners of their respective regional Raiffeisen bank.

2nd tier: The eight regional Raiffeisen banks (Raiffeisen Landesbanken and Raiffeisenverband) provide liquidity balancing and other central services for the autonomous and locally active Raiffeisen banks in their area of activity. Although clearly identified in RBGs organizational structure, their business operations are not restricted to specific geographic territories. The regional Raiffeisen banks are also independent universal banks and are core shareholders of RBI.

3rd tier: RBI is the central institute of the regional Raiffeisen banks as well as affiliated credit institutes and forms the third tier in this function, together with central service tasks.

Raiffeisen Bank International AG (RBI) regards Austria, where it is a leading corporate and investment bank, as well as Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) as its home market. 14 markets of the region are covered by subsidiary banks. Additionally, the Group comprises numerous other financial service providers, for instance in the fields of leasing, asset management, as well as M&A.

In total, around 50,000 employees service 17.0 million customers through around 2,500 business outlets (pro forma figures combined bank as per 31 December 2016), thereof a majority in CEE. Since 2005, RBI's shares have been listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange.

RBI is one of Austrias leading commercial and investment banks, its balance sheet total (post-merger) amounts to 135 billion (as per 31 December 2016).

In March 2017, the merger of RZB and RBI took place. The combined institute operates under the name Raiffeisen Bank International AG, as previously the case for RBI, and RBIs shares will continue to be listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange. RBI took over all rights, obligations and duties of the transferring company RZB.

One of the largest banking groups in CEE
RBI was already active in CEE even before the process of political transition started in the region and the Iron Curtain fell: already back in 1986, its first CEE subsidiary bank was founded in Hungary. Therefore, the bank looks back on 30 years of experience in the region's banking business.

Niche player on the international markets

To support its business activities RBI operates representative offices as well as service branches at selected Asian and Western European locations.

The group's subsidiary banks are present in the following Central and Eastern European markets:


Raiffeisen Bank Sh.a.

Poland Raiffeisen Bank Polska S.A.



Romania Raiffeisen Bank S.A.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Raiffeisen Bank d.d. Bosna i Hercegovina

Russia ZAO Raiffeisenbank


Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) EAD

Serbia Raiffeisen banka a.d.


Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d.

Slovakia Tatra banka, a.s.

Czech Republic

Raiffeisenbank a.s.

Ukraine VAT Raiffeisen Bank Aval


Raiffeisen Bank Zrt.

Kosovo Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo J.S.C.

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Core Perfomances ofthe Bank*

as at 30 June 2018
billion UAH
Paid-in capital6,15
Equity capital9,29

* in compliance with IFRS(unaudited)

Exchange rates

Raiffeisen Bank Aval*NBU*

* udate on22.01.2019 08:45

** including usage for foreign currency loans repayment in the self-service centers

100 $2794.859700
100 3175.519600
10 .4.211400

* udate on22.01.2019 08:47

** including usage for foreign currency loans repayment in the self-service centers

$/ 0.8801
/$ 1.1362

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