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Raiffeisen Bank international AG (RBI) considers its domestic market of Austria, where it is a leading corporate and investment Bank and Central and Eastern Europe. Its subsidiaries covering 13 markets in CEE. In addition, the Group comprises numerous other financial service providers active in areas such as leasing, asset management, mergers and acquisitions. 

Overall, nearly 47 thousand employees serve nearly 16 million clients of RBI nearly 2 thousand branches, mainly in CEE. The shares of RBI AG are traded on the Vienna stock exchange since 2005. 

The regional Raiffeisen banks hold about 58,8% of the shares, the remainder of shares are in free float. After the merger in March 2017 with Raiffeisen Zentralbank Osterreich AG (RZB), the former main shareholder of RBI has acquired all the rights, obligations’commitments and functions are transferred from the company RZB AG, in their entirety. In particular, it performs the role of the Central institution of the Austrian Raiffeisen banking Group.

The top management of RBI

Johann Strobl
Chief Executive Officer
Martin Grüll
Chief Financial Officer
Andreas Gschwenter
Chief Operating/Information Officer
Łukasz Januszewski
Markets & Investment Banking
Peter Lennkh
Corporate Banking
Hannes Mösenbacher
Chief Risk Officer
Andrii Stepanenko
Retail Banking

The Principles Of The Raiffeisen Group

Guidelines for Ethical Marketing in RBI