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17 September 2019

How to make yourself be effective

If the hired employee "burns out" - this is not so bad. There is a cardinal solution to the problem - to change jobs or significantly change the range of responsibilities in the same company. And if you are an entrepreneur and you have, though small, your own business? What to do in this case, because you won’t run away from yourself? ..

Burnout is an emotional exhaustion, often associated with labor activity, in which there is a lot of responsibility, many diverse tasks and experiences associated with it. Burnout can also be triggered by unfinished business and actions, lack of feedback and so on.

What are the main mistakes entrepreneurs:

  • Even if the goals are spelled out, they rarely drop in
  • They do not pay due attention to strategic tasks, and this should take 20% of the working time daily
  • There is no connection between goals and objectives
  • The entrepreneur is trying to "replace" all the positions in the company: he is the owner, and director, and accountant, and courier. It is believed that this saves money on the payment of wages to employees. This is actually a trap. It does not allow the businessman to move forward quickly and efficiently. As a result, he gets bogged down in a routine and is only concerned with constantly extinguishing fires. And this leads precisely to the very demotivation and lack of energy.

How to fix them?

  1. Set new ambitious goals. For example, due to high income to purchase a new home or open a promising area in business. Remember for yourself why you created the company, what you wanted to get thanks to it.
  2. Identify intermediate tasks: “grow” to a certain size, get the desired status, earn a reputation, increase sales to such and such a level ... And if it is a medium and small business, then they should be set at least for 3 years. You, as the owner, and your team should know and remember them.
  3. Schedule weekly activities / tasks to implement your own goals and the goals of the company.
  4. Check daily how close you are to them. To do this, they must be visualized.
  5. Writing goals and objectives is a must!
  6. Calculate the time to achieve them (in writing, not “in your mind”!)
  7. Be sure to plan your vacation and relax. Many entrepreneurs believe: first they will put the business on its feet, and then they will "reap the benefits." This idea is utopian. Take breaks in your core business at regular intervals and at regular intervals. This is what will give you energy, motivation and allow you to generate new ideas.
  8. Your staff should be fully staffed. This is not something to save on. If you start thinking strategically, you will realize that these people will help your business become effective in the future.

Do not fight with yourself. Agree with yourself. Always look ahead: what will be your victory if you take one or another step? Success to you in business!

Oksana Dolgova, Bogush Time Business Trainer