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РРО у єдинника: за гранню мільйона...
RRO edinica: beyond million...

All entrepreneurs single tax payers know that if the amount of income in a calendar year exceeds UAH 1 million, the exemption is lost in the work no of payment transactions (PPO). According to section 296.10 296 GCC to use a PPO are required starting from 1-th of the next quarter following the occurrence of such excess. And benefit a non-PPO is lost almost forever.

13 August 2018
Сузір’я бетону і плитки.
A constellation of concrete and tiles.

Vinnytsya company “Trading house «Orion» you know, not every the construction companies of the city, and accordingly, use of concrete and other materials used in construction that it sells. Another reason to be proud of - sidewalk tile TM “Avenue”, which was decorated with a famous boardwalk “Russian” other popular locations of the city. We talked with the head of the company Bogdan Sokolyansky about the nuances “concrete” business. It was interesting.

27 July 2018
Бізнес навігація від Райффайзен Банку Аваль.
Business navigation from Raiffeisen Bank Aval.

a Group of the RBI - not only in Ukraine, but throughout its network in Central and Eastern Europe, starts the project of global transformation of approaches to working with the segment, which is traditionally called small and medium business. Clients Raiffeisen Business Banking get new products, making updates to online applications and will have access to unique market of the country of the service “the Business navigation”.

19 July 2018
Органіка, на яку чекають в Європі.
Organics that are waiting in Europe.

BIOFARM ORGANIC from Vinnitsa still very “young” business – it was founded in December 2015. This agricultural company of the new generation, on the principles of organic farming grows and sells, mostly for export, niche and popular organic crops and berries. Co-founder Svetlana Veselovska told readers about the experience, market opportunities and the benefits of organic business.

12 July 2018
Туристичний бізнес - у тренді.
Tourism is in trend.

experts predict that in the next p'five years, the annual growth in the tourism industry will be at least 10% per year. In Ukraine in the sphere of tourism has about 4000 companies and individual entrepreneurs, and this is quite a saturated market will grow in the future. How to be successful in a highly competitive market, say the experts of the tourism industry.

09 July 2018