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Новий енергоринок: чого бізнесу чекати з літа
New energy market: what business to expect in the summer

From July 11, 2019, the energy industry will enter the transitional stage of creating a competitive energy market in the country, which should be completed before July 11, 2020. We are talking about the abolition of the current state monopoly on the wholesale trade in electricity in the face of the state enterprise Energorynok with the transition to direct electricity sales from producers to suppliers and consumers and the emergence of competitive market segments.

14 Jun 2019
Як грамотно «українізувати» сайт
Ключі до успіху у продажах агротехніки
The keys to sales success in agricultural technology

Working as the head of the local branch of one of the banks, Anton Sidorenko hardly imagined that he would head the business of selling agricultural machinery, and his company would rather successfully compete with the market leaders. But it happened that way. Agrotehnika Mirgorod is a young company, but its founders already know well what is needed for the success of their business!

10 Jun 2019
Нова податкова і нова митниця: чого чекати
New tax and new customs: what to expect

The work of the State Fiscal Service (SFS) will be reorganized - this is how the Cabinet decided. From this department will be created two state services: tax and customs. How will this relate to entrepreneurs?

07 Jun 2019
Нові горизонти автотюнингового бізнесу
The new horizons of autotuning business

Co-founder of Vilex Group Alexey Shlyakhov told how to build a business, based on the desire to keep the car in perfect condition from damage on domestic roads. And also about how, being in a difficult situation due to the sudden start of the ATO, to transport business and colleagues to a new city, which Kiev has become, and start from point zero.

05 Jun 2019