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Unmanned land transport - a new market segment

If you will not surprise anyone with drones, then unmanned vehicles in Ukraine and the world are still an innovation. The safety and security sector, agricultural sector, transportation, mining - unmanned vehicles for these areas already exist and are being tested. Says Yuri Tikhonov, development manager for the UAV production line of LLC INFOCOM LTD.

20 August 2019
Memory improvement

A good memory can become a saving straw in critical situations, since the hill gives out very valuable and important information at this particular moment. How to improve memory? Some of the techniques shared by one of the mnemonics gurus Kevin Gorsley.

20 August 2019
Electric jerk

As a graduate of a technical university, building a successful business, and after betraying a partner, gathering the company in pieces and moving forward even faster, said Sergey Khadzhili, owner of the electrical systems company Electric Systems

19 August 2019
Minishop merchandising

How to correctly place the desired assortment in a small area so that sales are maximum, said Olga Karpus, marketing consultant, ex-marketing director of Cotton Club Ukraine.

19 August 2019
What is the difference between a comprehensive check and a planned one

For the second year now, there is no moratorium on inspections, so entrepreneurs need to know who we can come to and how one form of verification differs from another. Inspections can be planned, complex, unscheduled, etc. Let us dwell on two types, which you can learn about in advance: complex and planned.

16 August 2019