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Wind to the rescue

Visiting European countries, entrepreneurs could not help but see a lot of windmills. In Ukraine, wind generation is not as popular as the use of solar energy, but this is temporary. In 2019, the wind farm has serious advantages. Member of the board of the Ukrainian Wind Energy Association, head of the small and medium wind energy sector, owner of GRESA-GROUP LLC Nikolay Savchuk advises

16 October 2019
Foreign economic activity of an entrepreneur. Part 2

When working with foreign customers, as a rule, an entrepreneur receives payment for goods shipped (services provided) in foreign currency. But, as it turned out, settlements in hryvnia or even bank metals are possible. About regulation of payment processes - read in the material

15 October 2019
The coming five-year trend: the introduction of business robots

Deliveries of robotics from 2018 to 2022 will grow by 39% - to a record level. This was reported in the World Robotics report. In 2013, the number of robots used in business amounted to 178 thousand, in 2018 more than 420 thousand were installed, and it is expected that by 2022 this figure will increase to 584 thousand

11 October 2019
Borders and Costs: Trends in Niche Cultures

Niche crops are a great alternative to low-margin traditional plants. But how to understand which of them will be in demand in the market, and which will not bring the business into plus

10 October 2019
Marketing and sales in terms of Theory of Constraints

Marketing and sales are an important component of any business. How to customize these features based on the basic principles of Theory of Constraints, says Julia Plieva, CEO of Apple Consulting

09 October 2019