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The new horizons of autotuning business

Co-founder of Vilex Group Alexey Shlyakhov told how to build a business, based on the desire to keep the car in perfect condition from damage on domestic roads. And also about how, being in a difficult situation due to the sudden start of the ATO, to transport business and colleagues to a new city, which Kiev has become, and start from point zero.

05 Jun 2019
Great opportunities for small agribusiness

Each farmer or farmer can buy a tractor or something else from agricultural machinery - and receive compensation from the state of 25% of the cost. And can build an elevator with the same "discount" on the equipment. And still can receive financial "covering" almost on all seed material to a season. No, no, this is not about Holland. About what financial programs can be very helpful to the beginning of the agroseason - in our material.

04 Jun 2019
Marketing difficulties

Small business plays an important role in the life of any state. However, small enterprises in Ukraine face considerable difficulties. Among them is the inability to fully use the marketing tools available to major market players. How to remedy the situation, says Elena Eero, coordinator of the Unlimit Ukraine project of the European Business Association.

29 May 2019
Facebook Conquest Secrets 2019

The secret of correct and successful advancement in social networks, including Facebook, is a quick response to all changes, updates and algorithms. We have learned from experts about the main secret ah of the successful conquest of one of the most popular social networks in 2019.

23 May 2019
Human for human, machine for machine

What is the advantage of high-speed Internet and M2M for small and medium businesses?

23 May 2019