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Marketing and sales in terms of Theory of Constraints

Marketing and sales are an important component of any business. How to customize these features based on the basic principles of Theory of Constraints, says Julia Plieva, CEO of Apple Consulting

09 October 2019
Unified report on personal income tax and ERUs

In September, the Verkhovna Rada adopted two laws, which from January 1, 2021 introduced a new combined reporting on ERUs and personal income tax. From this date, the FLP will submit to the tax general report, which reflects the amount of income, as well as the amount of accrued ERUs and withheld personal income tax

08 October 2019
An invigorating business

Fresh Black is a leader in the segment of freshly roasted coffee in Ukraine. This brand is known in many good restaurants and coffee houses in the country. Guests come to drink delicious coffee and look at the roasting process in the Black Cafe, and those who want to learn more about coffee or make it their profession - for courses and master classes at Black Coffee School. How did you manage to build this fragrant business, said its founder Viktor Shramenko

07 October 2019
Secrets of success "1 euro bars"

A year ago, an institution was opened on the capital's Khreshchatyk, the lines for which never end. “White Bulk” - this is the name of the favorite of residents and guests of Kiev, who gave a successful start in Ukraine network “1 euro bars”. Restaurateur Dmitry Borisov talks about the business model of establishments of this format, the secrets of success and promotion

04 October 2019
Negotiations: trust or verify?

From time to time, we have to negotiate or participate in the negotiation process. If trust arises between you and the opponent, it is much easier to come to an agreement and agree on all the desired points. How to build trust and not confuse it with manipulation, says Galina Eremenko, CEO of the Ukrainian Center of Mediation at the Kiev-Mohyla Business School

25 September 2019