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21 Jan 2020
What should farmers do in winter?

After the end of the sowing period of winter crops, agrarians begin a period of prolonged winter calm. Of course, there is always enough chores. But this period is almost the only opportunity to devote time to learning and learning new skills

21 Jan 2020
Marketplace: how to make money successfully in the season

At peak seasons of holidays and large sales, revenue can be doubled. This is a marketing axiom. But you can burn out by making a number of mistakes by inexperience. How to stay in a good plus and what tools to use when preparing a company for work on marketplaces - in the material

20 Jan 2020
Big Data for Small Businesses

Big Data today is becoming a marketing tool available not only to large businesses, but also to retail, services and the like. Instead of advertising “for all”, analysis of specific data allows you to customize your customers' searches more precisely, optimize costs and increase sales

17 Jan 2020
Preparing for negotiations with investors

Business needs money: for start, formation, development. If a business has at least a year or two of successful experience, it can very well count on various loan programs. Beginners, in order to attract capital, have to look for investors. Negotiation coach of the PROFI Space business school, founder of Profi_ Negotiators Club Yekaterina Lastenko advises how to prepare for negotiations with investors

16 Jan 2020