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Pix: interactive on the surface of a backpack

Ukrainian startups have developed the world's first interactive backpack, on the surface of which you can display pictures, animations, widgets and even play games. This invention was called Pix and raised 150 thousand dollars in Kickstarter. It has become such a fun and popular product that the first Chinese fakes have already appeared. Margarita Rimek, CEO of the project, tells about all the intricacies of its creation and development

23 September 2019
Biology of agricultural future

Irreversible climate changes have significantly affected farming, both open ground and greenhouse farming. Plants can no longer adapt to warmer temperatures, aggressive pests, unstable weather and earlier vegetation periods

19 September 2019
Foreign economic activity of FLP

Entrepreneurs, regardless of the chosen taxation system, can carry out their activities both in Ukraine and abroad. Both buyers and / or customers, suppliers and / or executors of works (services) can be both Ukrainians and foreigners

18 September 2019
How to make yourself be effective

If the hired employee "burns out" - this is not so bad. There is a cardinal solution to the problem - to change jobs or significantly change the range of responsibilities in the same company. And if you are an entrepreneur and you have, though small, your own business? What to do in this case, because you won’t run away from yourself? ..

17 September 2019
SWaG: iron production rules

Melitopol company SWaG is known far beyond the region as a manufacturer of spare parts for agricultural machinery and solid fuel boilers. These are highly competitive areas where it’s difficult to work, joining the leaderboard is almost impossible, and staying in position for twenty years is amazing ... How it turned out to be possible is explained by the company's executive director Alexei Simonenko and the promotion department head Natalya Drebeda

17 September 2019