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No Package: Bio-packaging as an Idea for Business

At the end of last year, the Ukrainian parliament passed a bill banning the use of plastic bags. It is worth noting that the ban on plastic bags is a great opportunity to make money on packaging production from alternative sources. For example, packaging

11 February 2020
10 rules to prevent cyber attacks

In 2016-2017, Ukraine received the status of a "testing ground" for testing modern means of conducting cyber warfare. Cybercriminals attacked financial institutions, power plants, and transport infrastructure. What is the Petya virus that covered our country in June 2017? How to protect yourself from cyber attacks, says Alexander Guzun, Senior Attorney at Antika Law Firm

10 February 2020
Internet Marketing Strategy for 2020

Every new year, entrepreneurs and marketers working at different companies are interested in online advertising tools (life hacks, news, trends), but only a few pay attention to digital strategies. How to promote and sell online more effectively in 2020, says expert Eugene Shevchenko, founder of the UAMASTER digital agency and the School of Digital Advertising

07 February 2020
Bypass roads. The path to success of a logistics company

Chernivtsi enterprise MB Courier began its history with small courier services and in 15 years it has grown to the level of one of the leading logistics companies in Ukraine. It offers a variety of solutions for the delivery of industrial, food products throughout the country and abroad, the services of its own consolidation warehouses. Founder and CEO Roman Zagaysky spoke about actually working solutions and generally about the situation in the domestic transport services market

05 February 2020
Cereal AGROs

The Argo company has been working in the Sumy region for more than 20 years. It is engaged in the production of buckwheat and oatmeal from its own raw materials with subsequent wholesale sales. Made by Argo porridge is eaten not only in the region, but also, for example, in Israel. Company founder Sergey Pavlik told how the company has managed to stay afloat for almost a quarter century

04 February 2020