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How to prepare an online store for the New Year period

The New Year period is the best time to get the maximum benefit for the business. These days, according to research, Ukrainians spend 20% more savings than at any other time. If you prepare correctly, you can not only increase profits, but also sell the remaining products and raise your site in search results

18 December 2019
What is responsible marketing?

More and more often Ukrainian companies use responsible marketing tools. This helps to improve the reputation among customers and partners, demonstrates the reliability of the business, increases the level of trust and brand loyalty. Responsible marketing becomes extremely relevant during the New Year holidays

17 December 2019
Premium Business Banking - A New Exclusive Business Client Service Model

Raiffeisen Bank Aval is a leading Bank for Business, which offers relevant products and services that meet the expectations of business customers, and sometimes even exceed them

16 December 2019
“Upgrade the technopark.” Special offer for farmers

An event on the market was a special offer for farmers from Raiffeisen Bank Aval - an unsecured investment loan without a down payment for the purchase of machinery and equipment from a dealer - the Technotorg group of companies. Thanks to the new financing program, updating the technopark for the season will become as accessible as possible for most agricultural producers.

12 December 2019
Business concierge service - a unique service for business clients

Raiffeisen Bank Aval has launched a new unique service for business clients, which has no analogues in Ukraine. Many people know the concierge service for individuals - this is the solution of personal issues of the client, for example, ordering flowers, buying tickets and the like. Business concierge service from Raiffeisen Bank Aval is a conceptually new approach

04 December 2019