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Caring for its customers, Raiffeisen Bank Aval offers loan programs in accordance with the needs of each of them. Depending on what you plan to spend the funds are made by the program on the terms of payment and refund, which you will tell the bank manager when drafting the contract.



Raiffeisen Bank Aval offers loan programs of financing ongoing operations and investment loans to suit your business needs.

Investment loans

Loans for business

Thanks to the convenient schedules of repayment of the loan and You save money
Opportunity to expand the business through acquisition of vehicles and equipment
More features
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Credit card for entrepreneurs

A credit card for entrepreneurs is your true helper in financing your daily expenses. Easy to get and even easier to repay!

Fixed interest rate for the entire period of credit limit
Fixed interest rate
Use 3D Secure for safe online payments
Safe payments
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Financing current activities

Loans for small business and its current activities.

You get extra money in circulation
Additional funds
The decision is made on the basis of the minimum package of documents during the day
Minimum package of documents
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Affiliate program
Lending to farmers

Cooperation of Raiffeisen Bank Aval with the leading distributors of agricultural machinery and plant protection products allows you to offer customers special terms of purchase of goods necessary for the successful management of agribusiness.

Reduced interest rate on the loan
For the loan needs a minimum package of documents
Minimum package of documents
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Financing energy efficiency
Bank guarantees

A guarantee from Raiffeisen Bank Aval is a written commitment of our bank to pay a guaranteed amount to a creditor (beneficiary), if we receive a written demand proving the debtor’s (principal’s) default on its obligations guaranteed by out bank.

Guarantor of payment is a reliable Bank
Advantages in tender participation
Tender advantages
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State support of agrarians

Governmental agriculture support programs

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