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Credit card for entrepreneurs

Credit card for entrepreneurs is Your irreplaceable assistant to Finance day to day expenses of the entrepreneur! Easy to get and even easier to repay.


Credit card for entrepreneurs

With a credit card, you can make purchases at retail and service outlets in Ukraine and abroad (including online), settle debt with your partners via Raiffeisen Bank Aval website or the network of our self-service centers, withdraw cash at ATMs of our bank and other banks in Ukraine and abroad, pay taxes and your business (including travel) expenses in Ukraine and abroad.

Visa payWave
Visa payWave
Cash withdrawal at ATMs of the Bank and other banks in Ukraine and abroad
Payment of taxes, expenses related to financing of economic needs and business trips in Ukraine and abroad
Non-cash payments with partners through the Raiffeisen Bank Aval website and the Bank's self-service center network
Purchases in trade and service enterprises in Ukraine and abroad (including the Internet)
Benefits are available for entrepreneurs
Fixed interest rate
Fixed interest rate for the whole period of the credit limit
Safe calculations
Use the 3D-Secure service for secure online payments
Contactless payments
The ability to make contactless payments with Visa Pay Wave technology
Loyalty program
Fishka loyalty program (when opening a Visa Business Fishka card
Permanent privileges
There are permanent privileges under the "Commercial Proposal" program for Visa Business
Credit limit
Possibility to use the credit limit without paying interest when calculating in the trading network and the Internet (during the grace period)


The term of the loan
2 years with the possibility of continuation
Deposit currency
Minimum monthly payment
15% of the amount of debt
Maximum credit limit size
up to 250 000 UAH
Interest rate for use
29.9% per annum
Grace period
47 days
Life insurance
0,5 % (calculated from the amount of the used limit by the end of the month)
Fee for cash withdrawal on the territory of Ukraine
3,5 % (minimum amount - 5 UAH)
Pay your attention
Pursuant to the requirements of article 67of the Law of Ukraine On Banks and Banking (hereinafter – Law on Banks), Raiffeisen Bank Aval JSC (hereinafter – Bank) shall submit to the credit register of the National Bank of Ukraine (hereinafter – Credit Register) the information on its credit operations involving the client-debtor, as indicated in part one of article 49 of the Law on Banks, if the amount of debt (principal debt and interests) under such credit operations is equal or exceeds 100 minimum salaries (or a foreign currency equivalent of this amount).
The Bank shall submit to the Credit Register the information, the content and scope of which is stipulated by part 3 of article 67of the Law on Banks, according to the procedure determined by the National Bank of Ukraine
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