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Credit cards for entrepreneurs

Credit cards for entrepreneurs

Select the card with the most favorable terms.
Visa payWave
Visa payWave
Credit Card Entrepreneur +

An indispensable assistant to finance the daily business expenses of an entrepreneur

Credit limit - up to 300 000 UAH

60 days free of charge% (for non-cash purchase transactions)

The interest rate is 29.9% per annum

Withdrawal of cash in the network of any banks on the territory of Ukraine and abroad at a single tariff - 2,5% +15 UAH

Fishback Business
Fishback Business
Fishback Business Credit Card

FISHKA's exclusive payment card combines a bank credit card with a revolving credit line and a regular FISHKA card

Credit limit - up to 300 000 UAH

The grace period is up to 57 days

Fishka loyalty program

Service charge - free of charge (subject to 10 non-cash purchase transactions per month)

Visa Business
Visa Business
Credit Card for Entrepreneurs (Issued before 03/09/2020)

With a credit card, you can make purchases at retail and service outlets in Ukraine and abroad (including online), settle debt with your partners via Raiffeisen Bank Aval website or the network of our self-service centers, withdraw cash at ATMs of our bank and other banks in Ukraine and abroad, pay taxes and your business (including travel) expenses in Ukraine and abroad.

Credit limit - up to 250 000 UAH

The interest rate is 29.9% per annum

The grace period is up to 47 days

Payment at points of sale and online is free of charge

Useful information
information that may be useful for you
Borrower requirements
  • Permanent registration on the territory of Ukraine
  • FOP registration and activity - at least 12 months
  • Age is from 23 to 64 years
Documents for making a loan
  • Passport of the citizen of Ukraine
  • Taxpayer ID
  • Financial report (if the desired loan amount is more than 150 000 UAH)
How easy is it to pay off a credit card?

Choose the most convenient way for you:

  • a card of any Ukrainian bank1 on the Bank's website;
  • automatic monthly payment from another FOP card / current account opened with Raiffeisen Bank Aval;
  • through self-service centers, ATMs and cash desks of the Bank.
  • non-cash transfer from a current FOP account opened with another bank.

All services are free of charge.

1 Please note that the issuing bank may additionally charge you for these types of transfers

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