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ChatBot / Business Concierge Service

ChatBot is a messenger for Business Banking clients, which was created for the convenience of communication between the client and the Bank.

Business Concierge Service - a team of qualified assistants working 24/7, fulfilling your personal and business requests, provide free services of lawyers, accountants, translators, designers and couriers.


Step 1. Download the application in Viber, Telegram or FB Messenger


Step 2. After receiving the Welcome message, go to the website from the application and familiarize yourself with the ChatBot Business Concierge service

Can be used

Step 3: Adopt a privacy policy and start using a unique service

Chat bot will allow
  • Find out about current service packages open a current account
  • Find the list of documents required to open an account
  • View products, services, tariffs of the Bank ...
Access to ChatBot

For clients who are serviced on service packages: “Business Start”, “Business Classic”, “Business Comfort”, “Business Elite +”

Business Concierge service will allow
  • To delegate a decision regarding the search, analysis and organization of everyday and business needs to a team of professionals
  • Get free accounting and legal expertise; Courier, translator, designer services

Business Concierge Service

For customers who have chosen the packages of services "Business Elite +" and "Business Comfort" a unique service is available - their own business assistant in their pocket.

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