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Securities services

The Bank provides a full range of securities services: opening and servicing of securities accounts, settlement of securities transactions, payment of income, issuing of statements and other account information, notifications on corporate actions of the issuers, organization and holding of general meetings.

Our advantages

All types of securities services
Personal manager
Flexible and transparent billing
Perfect knowledge of the market
Optimal terms of conducting operations
Urgent consideration of any questions
Addressing issues in the most effective way
Compliance with the RBI Group requirements and best international practice

Key facts

About 5000 active accounts
The Bank is one of the leaders in terms of depository assets.
Our clients include leading Ukrainian and international companies

Our services

Basic services
  • Securities Account opening
  • Safekeeping of securities
  • Settlement of transactions
  • Payment of income
  • Safekeeping of fund assets
Value Added Services
  • Market information
  • Corporate actions and representation services
  • Advice on investment accounts
First-class solutions
  • Services tailored to the individual needs of clients
  • Structured transactions

Information for publication

License information

Raiffeisen Bank Aval, a joint-stock company, operates on the basis of licenses for the right to carry out depository activities on the stock market:

  • Depositary institution (License series AE No. 263201 dated August 13, 2013);
  • Activities for the storage of assets of joint investment institutions (License series AE No. 263202 dated August 13, 2013)
  • Activity on the storage of assets of pension funds (License series AE No. 263203 dated August 13, 2013).
Corporate events of issuers

Copies of the Notices Shareholders of the relevant Joint Stock Company whose securities accounts are serviced by Raiffeisen Bank Aval on the basis of the Agreement with the issuer (the relevant Joint Stock Company) may be obtained at the location of the Depositary.

Securities Services contacts

Mailing address

01011, Ukraine, Kyiv, 9, Leskova street

For individuals

01030, Kyiv, 7-7B, Pyrohova street, room. 218

+38 (044) 498-79-30

For legal entities, funds:

01030, Kyiv, 7-7B, Pyrohova street, room. 217, 218

Non-resident legal entities:

+38 (044) 498-79-29

+38 (044) 498-79-33

Resident legal entities, mutual investment funds:

+38 (044) 498-79-33

Pension funds:

+38 (044) 498-79-31

Work schedule

Client Service Hours:

Monday to Thursday 9:30-17:00

Friday 9:30-16:00

break 12:45-14:00

pre-holidays  9:30-12:45

Saturday and Sunday closed

Operating day:

Monday to Thursday 9:00-18:00

Friday 9:00-16:45

break 13:00-14:00

Saturday and Sunday closed Including holiday and non-working days. In case of a working Saturday and / or Sunday, Securities Services operate in accordance with the procedure of the Central Depository.   

17 October 2018
Notifications for clients - individuals - residents

Dear Customers!

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that from 10/16/2018 the provision of Raiffeisen Bank Aval services under the Agreement on servicing an account in securities at Raiffeisen Bank Aval, which is concluded with resident individuals, is carried out on the terms of the Public offer. You can familiarize yourself with the public offer and documents in the "Documents" section.

In case of entering into the Agreement on servicing an account in securities or the Agreement on opening and maintaining a securities account before October 16, 2018, I ask you to apply to the Depository to sign the Application for Accession to the Agreement on servicing an account in securities.

17 October 2018
Notifications for clients - individuals

To the attention of the clients of the Depositary institution, which, in the period up to 16.08.2017, concluded with

Raiffeisen Bank Aval, an agreement on servicing an account in securities.

In connection with the entry into force of the Procedure for sending the joint stock company communications to shareholders through the depository system of Ukraine, approved by the Decision of the National Commission on Securities and Stock Market of March 07, 2017, No. 148, there was a need to bring into contractual relations between the depositary institution and clients.

In order to save time and set up an effective process, we ask clients - individuals to apply to the management of depository activities of JSC Raiffeisen Bank Aval by sending an e-mail to custody.retail@aval.ua or by calling (044) 498-79-30 , for the coordination of further actions related to the conclusion of the Supplementary Agreement to the Agreement on servicing an account in securities. The specified Additional Agreement is a new edition of the Agreement on servicing an account in securities, which contains all requirements of the current legislation and does not impair the terms of service of the depositary institution's clients.

We draw your attention: in case if the Agreement on servicing an account in securities will not be brought in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine, the Depositary institution will not be able to send you a notice on corporate actions of the issuer.

In the event that the Supplementary Agreement, which contains all the requirements of the effective legislation concerning the terms of the Agreement, the Depository Organization, is not signed to the Agreement on servicing an account in securities or the Agreement on the opening and maintenance of a securities account, concluded before August 5, 2014, has the right to refuse you in conducting depositary operations by order.

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