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Internet banking Transfers and Payments

Documentary operations

We offer the following directions of work with documentary operations:

• issuance of warranties;

• opening letters of credit;

• making payments collection;

• avalization of bills of exchange at the client’s order;

• servicing received in the interests of the client guarantees, letters of credit, collection.


Documentary operations

The choice of the form of calculation and the financing scheme of the transaction is most relevant if the client contacts the manager of Raiffeisen Bank Aval or the regional center of documentary business before signing the contract.

Documentary letters of credit

When there is no confidence in the solvency of your counterparty

Used when the counterparty is not certain about the proper performance of the obligations from your side or you need a respite for payment or trade credit/advance payment
Documentary collection

Minimizing risks, simplicity and reliability of operations

Applies when there is a certain degree of confidence in the seller to the buyer

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