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Internet banking Transfers and Payments

Guarantee operations

Guarantee operations

Bank Guarantees

Guarantee – written obligation of the bank to pay the creditor (beneficiary) a guaranteed amount, in case of receipt of a written request, which indicates the debtor’s (principal’s) failure to fulfill its obligations provided for by the guarantee terms.

Stand-by Letters of Credit

Stand-by Letters of Credit is inherently a bank guarantee with a more protected list of mechanisms that regulate and confirm the authenticity and legitimacy of the requirement.

Collaboration with EBRD, IFC, and Raiffeisen Bank International AG

Raiffeisen Bank Aval cooperates with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the International Finance Corporation and has support in international trade finance operations of Raiffeisen Bank International AG

The benefits of using

Надійний Банк
Reliable Bank

Safely – the guarantor of payment is a reliable Bank

Забезпечення виконання

Enforcement of obligations

Участь у тендері
Participation in the tender

Benefits of participation in the tender


Much cheaper tool than traditional lending and factoring

Гарантування виконання
Enforcement of obligations

Ability to guarantee performance of contractual obligations without prepayment/advance payment

Відстрочка платежу
Deferment of payment

Deferment of payment provides an opportunity to obtain from the counteragents a commodity loan (delay of payment), which is provided by a bank guarantee

Скорочення ризиків
Reduction of risks

Reduction of transaction risks - providing Raiffeisen Bank Aval with monetary compensation for non-fulfillment of obligations under the contract/contract specified in the guarantee conditions.

Відшкодування оплати

Reimbursement of payment in accordance with the written request only for actually delivered goods/services rendered

The feasibility of using the warranty

  • You are unsure of the solvency of your counterpart - use the guarantee of payment;
  • Your counterpart is unsure of the proper performance of your obligations - we recommend a guarantee of performance of the contract;
  • You are not sure about the target use of the upfront payment made to your counterparty - choose a guarantee of the return of the advance payment;
  • Deferral of payment / commodity loan is required - we recommend the guarantee of payment;
  • You are the participant / winner of the tender, the condition of which is the provision of a bank guarantee - we recommend a tender guarantee / guarantee of performance after the tender.


Practice shows that the choice of the form of settlement and the financing scheme of a transaction is the most optimal only when the client contacts the manager of Raiffeisen Bank Aval before signing the contract!!!

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