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Securities transactions

Raiffeisen Bank Aval conducts with securities all operations stipulated by the current legislation of Ukraine. On behalf of customers, the Bank may buy and sell government bonds, corporate bonds, shares, promissory notes. The Bank provides services for avalization, collection, domicile of promissory notes, and also offers payment settlement schemes using promissory notes.


Securities transactions

Bank employees provide professional advice tailored to the needs of the client and will offer the best solution for acquiring securities of attractive issuing enterprises.

Кваліфікована допомога
Qualified help

Assistance in preparation of documents for registration of bonds issue by your enterprise

Корпоративним клієнтам
Corporate clients

On behalf of a client, the Bank may purchase bonds for a period ranging from several days to several years, depending on the availability of government bonds on the market or in the Bank’s portfolio.

Міжнародний досвід
International experience

With appropriate licenses, the Bank offers its clients a range of services for the purchase and sale of OVDP in the secondary market.

Для керівників та власників
For managers and owners

In its activities, Raiffeisen Bank Aval is guided by the best world standards of custodial business and uses the experience of the Raiffeisen Group.

The types of services

Купівля та продаж цінних паперів
Buying and selling securities

Raiffeisen Bank Aval performs operations on the acquisition and sale of securities belonging to it to customers.

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  • Raiffeisen Bank Aval is one of the largest securities market operators in Ukraine;
  • narrow spreads (the difference between the price received by the issuer from the intermediary in the placement of securities and the price paid by the investor)
  • Adequate market prices.
Купівля та продаж цінних паперів за дорученням клієнтів
Purchase and sale of securities on behalf of clients

Raiffeisen Bank Aval carries out operations on the purchase and sale of securities in the interests and on behalf of its clients.

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  • Significant experience with Ukrainian and foreign companies;
  • Professionalism and experience of bank managers.
Організація випуску облігацій на внутрішньому та зовнішньому ринках та андерайтинг
Organization of bond issue in domestic and foreign markets and underwriting

Raiffeisen Bank Aval contributes to the organization of public borrowing for its customers on favorable terms and in a short time.

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  • Representative offices of leading European business centers (offices in Kiev, London and Vienna);
  • Experience in issuing and placing bonds of the largest Ukrainian companies.

Domestic Government Bonds of Ukraine

Government securities placed solely on the domestic stock market confirm Ukraine’s commitment to reimburse their nominal value to bearers of these bonds with income paid in accordance with the terms of the bonds placement. The nominal value of bonds of internal state loans of Ukraine can be determined in foreign currency.

The benefits of investing in government bonds:

Висока дохідність
High yield

High return on investing in domestic government bonds


Ensure timely, complete and continuous fulfillment of all monetary obligations

Мінімальний ризик
Minimum risk

Minimum level of risk when investing in government bonds


Possibility of hedging currency risk

Кошти в ОВДП
Funds in government bonds

Funds in government bonds can be invested for a period of up to several years, guarantees a stable income for a long period of time

Надійний інструмент застави
Reliable collateral tool

Government bonds are one of the most reliable collateral tools

Відсутність податку
No tax

The absence of tax on personal income


the Securities Division: 

Head of Department: Oleg of its clas

+38 044 495-42-08 

Master dealer: Alexey Evdokimov

+38 044 495-42-06

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