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Internet banking Transfers and Payments

Acceptance and crediting of funds

Transfer payments and sales proceeds to customer accounts through cash desks or self-service centers of Raiffeisen Bank Aval. Receipt and enrollment of funds is possible both from the authorized persons of the corporate client and from his clients - individuals.


Acceptance and crediting of funds

Прийом готівкових коштів через каси відділень банку
Cash withdrawal through cash desks of Bank branches
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  • Extensive network of branches accepting cash from individuals in favor of enterprises and organizations;
  • Crediting of funds to the company's account on the day of the payment, if the payment was made at the operational day of the bank;
  • The possibility of ordering a structured payment purpose provides the most complete information about the payer and facilitates its processing.
Прийом готівкових коштів через кіоски самообслуговування
Acceptance of cash through the self-service kiosks
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  • Safety and security of the operation;
  • The opportunity for taxpayers to use their time more efficiently and more comfortable to carry out operations;
  • The possibility of repayment of any obligations;
  • The possibility of transferring funds from a card account to a deposit account of an individual;
  • Expeditious crediting of funds to the settlement account of the corporate client;
  • The possibility of obtaining information on making payments within 15 minutes;
  • Saving corporate account expenses on account servicing compared to accepting payments through a bank cash desk.
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Service information

The service related to the receipt and transfer of funds to the benefit of business entities is provided on the terms and conditions of the Comprehensive Bank Service Agreement or on the terms and conditions of a separately concluded Payments Receipt Agreement, which are concluded for an unlimited period of time.

The Customer has the right to initiate the termination of the services provision/Agreement by sending the respective written notification to the Bank. The Bank stops receiving the payments to the benefit of the customer on the following working day after the receipt by the Bank of the customer’s notification on the termination of the services provision/Agreement. The relations under the Agreement related to the payments receipt services provision shall be considered terminated after the customer performs all monetary obligations to the Bank and the Bank performs its obligations regarding the transfer of the funds received by the Bank for the further transfer to the benefit of the Customer.

The amendments to the Comprehensive Bank Service Agreement are introduced by restating the Bank Service Rules for Business Entities - Corporate Customers at Raiffeisen Bank Aval JSC in a new version and publishing it twice a month – on the 1 (first) and the 15 (fifteenth) day of each calendar month on the website of the Bank and in the branches of the Bank. If the 1 (first) and/or the 15 (fifteenth) day is not a working day or is a holiday, the respective new version shall be published on the first Working day following that day. The amended Rules shall come into effect and shall be applied to the relations between the Parties starting from the date indicated in the Rules, but not earlier than 15 (fifteen) calendar days from the date of their publishing on the website of the Bank. The respective Rules shall be considered accepted by the Customer, unless prior to the effective date of the Rules the Customer notifies the Bank on the termination of the Comprehensive Bank Service Agreement.

 If the Customer is serviced upon the terms and conditions of the separately concluded Payments receipt agreement, the changes and amendments to the respective agreement shall  be introduced by signing of the additional agreement(s) between the Bank and the Customer, except for the cases provided in the Payments receipt agreement.

The amendments to the Agreement shall be introduced by signing of the additional agreement between the Bank and the customer, except for the cases provided in the Agreement.

The amount of costs subject to payment by the customer and/or the procedure of its calculation, including taxes, is defined in the Tariffs.

The service is provided by JSC "Raiffeisen Bank Aval", NBU license №10 dated June 18, 2018; EDRPOU code 14305909; was included in the State Register of Banks on 27.03.1992. under No. 94; location: 01011, Kyiv, str. Leskov, 9; phone numbers by link; e-mail address; State regulation of the Bank's activity is carried out by the National Bank of Ukraine (01601, Kyiv, Institutskaya St., 9; hotline: 0800 505 240).

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