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05 December 2019

Is it possible to save 100%? With Visa Fishka everything is possible!

You just need to pay with Visa Fishka card by Raiffeisen Bank Aval at the sales points of the Partners of Fishka Program until the end of December and get discounts with the points:

10% - Budynok Ihrashok  (Будинок Іграшок)

10% - Prostor

Up to 10% - Allo (Алло)

10% - Furshet (Фуршет)

20% - MeiWei

20% - A la minute

10% - OKKO shops  

Additionally 3% - ОККО

3% - Universalna insurance company (СК «Універсальна»)

3% - Tvoia Shyna (Твоя Шина)

1% - Easy Pay               

TOTAL BENEFIT – 100%    

The offer is in effect from 04.12 to 31.12.2019

The discounts are credited with points to Fishka card within 10 days after the purchase is carried out by scanning and paying with the card Visa Fishka/Visa Business Fishka (but after the payment with the card is confirmed by the Bank).

The discounts are not combined with other discount points. 

*The name of the promo «100% savings with Visa Fishka cards  in December» meansthat the total amount of discounts of all above stated offers by the Promo Partner’s constitutes 100 %.

Official conditions of the offer.pdf