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Rent of individual safes

If you want to keep money, jewelry, documents or family relics in a safe place and to be confident in their integrity and privacy, Raiffeisen Bank Aval offers a personal safe deposit box rental service.

The lease of the individual vault expires?

Stay at home – we cancelled the penalty!

You don’t need to go to the branch during the quarantine, we care about you. Raiffeisen Bank Aval cancels the payment of the penalty after the expiry of the lease of the individual vault.

You should only pay for the lease pursuant to the terms and conditions of your agreement, which you can do after the quarantine.

Please, do not leave your house without the reasonable reason and take all preventive measures.

Stay healthy!

Advantages of safe Deposit box
Строк оренди
Rental period
Convenient rental period - from 1 to 732 days
Система знижок
Discount system
Flexible system of discounts – the longer the term of the lease, the lower the cost of the day of the lease
The service is provided to individuals and legal entities, residents and non-residents of Ukraine
Дві особи
Two persons
Conclusion of a contract both for one person and for sharing by two persons
Обирай розмір
Choose the size
Opportunity to choose the optimal size of safes – from 5 cm x 30 cm to 32 cm x 60 cm

the Tariffs for use of individual safes

service Namethe Size of the safe
Height cm
Rate for offices in the city of Kyiv and Kyiv region, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odessa, LvivRate for offices other cities
Rental fee (tariff per day inclusive of VAT)Width: 305,015.00 UAH.10,00 UAH.
5,1 -1020.00 UAH.15.00 UAH.
10,1 -1525.00 UAH.20.00 UAH.
15,1 -2030,00 UAH.25.00 UAH.
20,1 -2535,00 UAH.30,00 UAH.
over 25.140,00 UAH.35,00 UAH.
Width: 6050,00 UAH.40,00 UAH.
Cumulative discount for using individual safe:within 180 days5%5%
more than 270 days10%10%
for Premium customers who use the "Exclusive" service package
Deposit for the key:2000 grn.

For information about the availability of safes, contact the offices of the Bank providing the service of renting of individual safes or in the Bank's Information centre by phone 0 800 500 500 (free from landline numbers across the territory of Ukraine), in Kiev 490-88-88 or 521 from mobile (for MTS subscribers).

What You get with Premium Banking?
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Services of personal financial advisor
Побудова індивідуального фінансового плану
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Пріоритетне обслуговування в комфортних зонах Premium
Priority service in comfortable areas of Premium
Розширену лінійку банківських продуктів та послуг
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Індивідуальний підхід та економію Вашого часу. Центр інформаційної підтримки лише Premium клієнтів
Individual approach and saving your time. Information support center only for Premium clients
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