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Deposit on-demand "Universal"

Deposit “Universal” – termless deposit with the right of replenishment and partial withdrawal and monthly interest capitalization

Key benefits

Replenishment and withdrawals without restrictions

Monthly capitalization of interest

Deposits guarantee! Raiffeisen Bank Aval is a member of Fund of guaranteeing deposits of persons since 1999.

Base rate

Special offer when opening the "Universal +" deposit in Raiffeisen Online banking system9.5%–––
For Package: "Exclusive" for the Premium Customers of the Bank
For Packages: "Prestige" for the Premium Customers of the Bank, "Premium 3.0", "StartUp", "Optimal", "Optimal Plus", "Active","Light", "Pension Optimum"
For packages: "Basic", "Pension Basic", "Pension Light", "FUN card for children and teenagers"
Base rate (valid from 15.01.2016) for opening of the deposits out of Packages of services and the recalculation of accrued interest at early closure of deposit «Savings»
Minimum deposit amount / Minimum amount of replenishment
100 UAH
20 USD

Terms of Deposit «Universal»

Term of depositTermless
Deposit currencyUAH, USD
Minimum deposit amount100 UAH
Minimum amount of replenishment
20 USD
Replenishment of deposit without cash
From card accounts through an internet banking system «Raiffeisen Online», network of self-service kiosks, a standing order to replenish a deposit from a card account through a kiosk and system Direct Debit – free;
From your current account «For payments» – free;
From other accounts – 1%.
Cash deposit replenishment
In the department where the deposit was opened – free;
In another branch of the bank:
– UAH - free;
– in foreign currency - 0,7% of the amount, but not less than 1 USD / EUR.
Money transfer n the bank branch
Own current account «For payments» - UAH - 1% min. 25 UAH.; EUR - 1%, min. 1 EUR; USD - 1 USD;
Own account "Current" – free;
For a term deposit within Raiffeisen Bank Aval – free.
Partial withdrawal from your account
Fee for partial or full withdrawal from deposit account:
– UAH - 1% min. 25 UAH;
– in foreign currency - free.
You can always transfer in Internet banking for free in a matter of minutes «Raiffeisen Online» funds from the deposit «Universal» to your card account and receive cash from a payment card at the Bank's cash desk or any ATM, in accordance with the tariffs of your card services package, as well as making cashless payments on the trade and service network and the Internet without commissions
First paymentWithin ninety days from the date of opening the deposit
Free SMS-notification service on transactions carried out on deposit account