Інтернет-банкінг “Raiffeisen Online”
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Internet banking Transfers and Payments

Cash loan

Raiffeisen Bank Aval premium customers have the opportunity to receive 

"credit cash for any purpose" with increased limits and with reduced interest rates.


Loan term
up to 4 years
27,1% of annual
Minimum loan amount
10 000
Maximum loan amount
500 000
Repayment terms
monthly payment
Life Insurance
Once (atthe expense of loan funds)
Ways to repay loans
Карткою будь-якого банку
Card of any Bank
no commissions, you can repay the loan by transferring from the card of any Bank
У відділені або через термінали Easy Pay
In the office or via the terminals Easy Pay
ability to repay the loan at the self-service centers, terminals, Easy Pay, or at the offices of a Bank branch
Raiffeisen Online
Raiffeisen Online
opportunity to carry out payments and transfers of funds through Internet banking Raiffeisen Online
Автоматичний платіж
Automatic payment
don't worry that you can skip the next payment on the loan – use automatic payment

What documents are required

Ідентифікаційний номер платника податків

Taxpayer identification number

Паспорт або ID картка

Passport or ID card

Довідка про доходи за останні 6 місяців

Income statement for the last 6 months

For clients who are not receiving wages in Raiffeisen Bank AVAL

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