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Internet banking Transfers and Payments

Premium Credit Card Mastercard World Elite

For the customers aspiring for exclusive services we offer a new Premium Credit Card Mastercard World Elite

Mastercard World Elite
Mastercard World Elite
Відсутність комісії за конвертацію валюти

no commission for converting currency

Зняття готівки закордоном без комісії в банкоматах по всьому світу

withdraw cash with no fees in any ATM around the world

Fast Line

Fast Line at Boryspil Airport and access to business lounges of Boryspil, Kiev (Zhulyany) airports and 8 international European airports

Ліміт до 500 000 грн.

limit up to 500 000 UAH

Key benefits
Пільговий період до 57 днів
Grace period up to 57 days

We don't charge you an interest rate for using credit limit during the grace period

Mastercard Більше Black
Mastercard Bilshe Black

Participation in the program Mastercard Bilshe Black

Безкоштовне зняття готівки
Free cash withdrawals

Cash withdrawals in ATMs abroad without a free

Fast Line та доступ до бізнес-залів Mastercard
Fast Line and Business lounge zone Mastercard

Fast Line  at Borispol airport  (departer/arrival) and access to Business lounge zones Mastercard at Borispol airport, Kyiv airport (Zhuliany) and 8 European airports

Відсутність комісії за конвертацію валюти
Сommission for currency conversion free of charge

When you pay by card abroad, the currency conversion commission is not applied

Додаткова картка
Additional card

Free additional card on the name of the trustee

Terms of the loan program

Opening of Platinum Mastercard
Grace period
up to 57 days*
Interest rate
36% per annum
Minimum monthly payment
5% of the balance of the debt**
Account maintenance fee (monthly)
250 UAH***
Fee for cash withdrawal
3% + 15 UAH
Monthly insurance premium
0.7% of the balance of the debt at the end of the month (min 15 UAH, if the debt is more than 25 UAH)****
Monthly payment maturity
the 20th day of month
Mobile Banking
Raiffeisen online
Participation in Program
Bilshe Mastercard Black

* Grace period applies to non-cash payment transactions for goods/works/services purchase at a retail network and/or Internet using the payment card and continues from the date of transaction till the nearest date of interest calculation (bank calculates interests not earlier than 25th day of every month) and further until the 20th day of the following month inclusively (if the used limit amount was repaid within the specified period). (For example: date of cashless product payment is 26.07, the closest date of interest calculation is 25.08, grace period – from 26.07 to 20.09 (57 days).

** 5 (five)% of debt remain. Amount of minimum monthly payment is set for repayment every month on date of interest calculation and shall be repaid by the 20th day of the following month.

*** The fee is charged on the 6th day of each month. 

**** Calculated on the amount as of the end of month.

Ways to repay loans
Raiffeisen Online
Raiffeisen Online

the opportunity to carry out payments and transfers of funds through Internet-banking "Raiffeisen Online"

На сайті Банку
On the Bank’s website

no commissions, you can repay the loan by transferring from the card of any Bank

Автоматичний платіж
Automatic payment

don't worry that you can skip the next payment on the loan – use automatic payment

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