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Prestige with Visa Signature

Especially for Premium clients who appreciate the prestige and personalized service, we offer the package of services Prestige with Visa Signature.

Visa Signature
Visa Signature
Mastercard Platinum
Mastercard Platinum
loyalty program «Smartravel»
insurance for traveling abroad in the amount of 50 000 Euros
withdraw cash with no fees in any ATM around the world

Mastercard Bilshe Black loyalty program

Key benefits
FastLine в аеропорту «Бориспіль»
FastLine in «Boryspil»

Check-in, air control and passport control (departure, arrival) - much faster with FastLine

Lounge Key
Lounge Key

Free 10 visits per year (including with guests) to more then 1000 international busines lounges all ower the world

Консьєрж-сервіс з чат-ботом
Concierge Service with ChatBot

24/7 personal assistance in performing any requests

Access to privileges, services and promotions in a convenient messenger with Visa card 

Програма лояльності «Smartravel»
Loyalty program «Smartravel»

Get rewards for your payments with Visa Signature

Поліс страхування
Insurance policy

Travel abroad confidently and securely with insurance policy for 50000 euro with annual prolongation

Персональне обслуговування в Банку
Personal service in the Bank

Service in a comfortable and secluded offices that ensure your confidentiality and comfort while communicating with a personal Premium Manager


Opening an account
Monthly fee for account maintenance
650 UAH / 0 UAH (on condition of payment in a total amount from 15 000 UAH / month or average balance on the card account from 70 000 UAH./month)
Cash withdrawalworldwide
"Concierge-Service"Included service
Visit international airports
Business lounge with
the program Lounge Key*
Free 10 visits per year with Visa Signature (including with guests)
FastLine (departure and arrival)in «Boryspil»*
Free 10 visits per year with Visa Signature

*in case of purchases with the card and/or payment via Internet in total amount from 10 000 UAH 30+10 days before your flight (day of the flight and 10 days before are not included)

Detailed rates for package Prestige

Become a Premium customer!

Order the package of services right now.

Become a Premium customer
Useful information
information that may be useful for you
How to order the service package?

You can file an application at the website here.

Or arrange  a meeting with the Premium manager by calling the Call Center at:

  • 0 (800) 500-500 (free calls around Ukraine);
  • 0 (44) 490-88-88 (for Kyiv and calls from abroad);
  • 521 (free calls for Vodafone subscribers).
Is there a fee for using the package and how is it charged?

For you, the servicing will be free-of-charge, if you fulfill the terms and conditions of the service package. You can find the tariffs here.

Who is Premium manager?

Premium manager is a highly competent specialist in banking and finance, who can help you find the best solution for your current tasks and long term financial plans.

Which cards are available in “Prestige” Service package?

Three free-of-charge Visa Platinum premium cards emphasizing your status.

Actions in the event of card loss
  1. Immediately notify Raiffeisen Bank Aval on the loss (theft) of the card in order to block it by calling the Call Center at:
  • 0 (800) 500-500 (free calls around Ukraine);
  • 0 (44) 490-88-88 (for Kyiv and calls from abroad);
  • 521 (free calls for Vodafone subscribers).

When contacting the Call Center, you can order the new card to your account. It can be received in 10 days at the bank’s branch you selected.

2. Block the card with the help of Raiffeisen Online System.

3. You can also block your payment card in the closest branch of Raiffeisen Bank Aval.

Procedure of the bank in case of non-fulfillment of obligations by the client under the agreement on the provision of banking services

In case of the amount of transaction is more than available balance overdraft arises on the card account. 

In this case Bank will follow Banking Rules for private Individuals in accordance with Article 8, paragraph 8.6. Section 2