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e- policy Auto Third Part Liability

The program of insurance in transport of water before the third persons.

Reliable insurance partner of the Bank, the company "UNIQA" is part of the UNIQA Insurance Group (Austria), which occupies a leading position in the insurance market in Central and Eastern Europe

Benefits of the program

Convenience of getting the policy

Romote process of getting electronic policy

Reliability of payment
Use state approved rates and payout limits

The cost of auto insurance

The cost of insurance MTPL approved by the National Commission for Regulation of Financial Services. For cars, the cost depends on the size of the engine and the place of use of the car

preferential use
up to 1600 cube. cm
16012000 cube. cm
20013000 cube. cm
from 3000 cube. cm
(deductible 1000 UAH)
1521 UAH
1734 UAH
1 300 UAH
2768 UAH
Borispil, Boyarka, Brovary, Vasylkiv, Vyshgorod, Vyshneve, Irpin 
(deductible 2000 UAH)
792 UAH
903 UAH
700 UAH
1441 UAH
Cities with a population of more than 1 million 
(deductible 1000 UAH)
1109 UAH
1264 UAH
1308 UAH
2018 UAH
Cities with a population of 500 thousand to 1 million 
(deductible 1000 UAH)
887 UAH
1011 UAH
1047 UAH
1614 UAH

If you want to buy it in your Premium manager, please put on button "Become a premium customer" below, fill in the form and our manager will contanct you.

Also you can buy it ONLINE on UNIQA web-site in 3 steps:

1. To go on a web-site UNIQA - click here,

2. To chose insurance (standart or with high coverage),

3. To enter all needed data and to pay insurance payment by card.

You will get your insurance electronic contract on your e-mail.

Pay attention

The maximum amount of compensation for the insurance policies according to the current legislation of UAH 100 000 on one damaged object and no more than 5 objects for the entire duration of the contract. Obviously, 100 000 hryvnia is not much and may not always be caused by damage in the accident

That is why we suggest you to purchase in addition to the standard MTPL the so-called "Extra MYPLil" (voluntary insurance of the liability of owners of land vehicles), which allows to increase the limit of your insurance protection up to 1.5 million UAH.

Choose your additional limit
Limit of additional liability (protection)300 000 UAH600 000 UAH900 000 UAH1 500 000 UAH
The cost of an additional voluntary MTPL
500 UAH700 UAH1 000 UAH1 500 UAH

For processing the insurance request an appointment with the Premium Manager and receive additional benefits
A personal financial Advisor
Build a personalized financial plan
Priority service in comfortable Premium zones
An expanded line of banking products and services
Individual approach and time saving. Center of information support of Premium clients
Become a premium client
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