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Medical insurance

UNIQA insurance have designed especially for Premium customers of Raiffeisen Bank Aval health insurance programs for you that will allow you to maintain you and your loved ones health and a proper level.

Benefits of the program
Essential insured amount
Істотна страхова сума
The size limit for medical services and medicines up to 300 000 UAH
Ease of payment
Зручність оплати

The annual payment under the program 7 to 18 thousand UAH which you can pay in installments

Services for the family
Послуги для родини

It's possible to protect all family members from age 0 to 65 years with SNRCU

Reliable insurance partner of the Bank, the company "UNIQA" is part of the UNIQA Insurance Group (Austria), which occupies a leading position in the insurance market in Central and Eastern Europe
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