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Individual safe boxes

If you want to save money, jewelry, documents or family heirlooms in a safe place and to be confident in their safety and privacy, Raiffeisen Bank Aval offers to use the service of renting individual safes.

Individual deposit safes are located in a specially equipped bank room, which is equipped with electronic supervision and is guarded round the clock.

Access of the tenant or his authorized representative to the safe is provided by an individual password word, two keys to the safe and an individual card.

Advantages of safe Deposit box
Обирай розмір
Choose size
The ability to choose the optimal cell size from 5 cm x 30 cm 32 cm x 60 cm
Строк оренди
The term of the lease
Easy lease term — from 1 to 732 days
Система знижок
A flexible system of discounts — the longer the lease term, the lower the cost of days of rent
The service is provided to individuals and legal entities, residents and nonresidents of Ukraine
Дві особи
Two people
The conclusion of the contract as to one person or for sharing by two persons

Tariffs for using individual safes

Name of the serviceSize of the safe
Height, cm
Tariff for offices in Kyiv and Kyiv oblast, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odesa, LvivTariff for offices in other cities
(fare per day with VAT)
up to 5,0
15,00 UAH
10,00 UAH
5,1 -10
20,00 UAH
15,00 UAH
10,1 -15
25,00 UAH
20,00 UAH
15,1 -20
30,00 UAH
25,00 UAH
20,1 -25
35,00 UAH
30,00 UAH
more 25,1
40,00 UAH
35,00 UAH
Width 60 cm
50,00 UAH
40,00 UAH
Accumulative discount
 for using
 individual safes:

more than 180 days
more than 270 days
more than 360 days
for Premium customers who use the "Exclusive" service package
The amount of collateral for the key :
2000 UAH

For information on the availability of free safes contact the Bank's departments providing the rental of individual safe deposit boxes or to the Bank's Information Center at 0 800 500-500 (free of charge from fixed numbers throughout Ukraine), in Kyiv 044 490-88-88 or 521 mobile (for MTS subscribers).

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