Інтернет-банкінг “Raiffeisen Online”
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Internet banking Transfers and Payments

Raiffeisen Online

Control the status of your Raiffeisen Online Internet Banking accounts yourself. Access to all app features (accounts, limits, and advanced features) for the 24/7 application. You can directly manage transfers, replenishment and other features at any time and anywhere.

Online services
Internet banking Raiffeisen Online allows You to manage your accounts 24/7 and use the services of the Bank at any time and from anywhere in the world if connected to the Internet.

The benefits of the Raiffeisen Online

Comfortable registration
Зручна реєстрація

No longer have to go to the bank, register on the system and manage your accounts!

Checking accounts
Контроль рахунків

Always relevant information on any device

Online transactions
Операції онлайн

Do not waste time in queues - everything in your phone!

Sync on all devices
Raiffeisen Online is a single platform for any device. All Your actions and information are synchronized in real-time!
Check online
To register in the Raiffeisen Online only need Your card details
Serverwide templates and timely pay your utility bills online
Management of card limits
Supervision of all accounts and the easy change of limits of cards, when You need it

The rates set by the Bank when using internet banking Raiffeisen Online

To familiarize

Before you start working with Raiffeisen Online read the Safety rules.

To familiarize

Description of the limits set by the Bank to conduct money transfers and payments

To familiarize
Modes Internet Banking
Active mode
A mandatory condition of access to the active mode is availability of a card account which is serviced on terms of one of the packages of services: "Active", "Optimal", "Optimal Plus", "Pension Optimal", "Bonus 3.0".
  • Transfer between own accounts
  • Utilities
  • Deposit
  • Pay off credit debt
  • Payments to legal entities and individuals
  • Instant payments "the Card Card"
  • Management of card limits
  • Available to all Bank customers, does not provide for the transfer of funds.
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