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Raiffeisen Pay

Our free mobile app that gives you the opportunity to pay bills with your smartphone, even if you left your card at home!

How to install Raiffeisen Pay
Download the application from the Play Market
To activate
Activate the app by entering the ID and PIN that You specified after the first login for Raiffeisen Online
You can use
Unlock the card You need – and all can be calculated
Mobile wallet
With this app You can store Your Bank cards and to make any calculations, just Your smartphone with You every day.
The security of each transaction
The input and calculations are performed only when you enter the PIN or confirm the fingerprint of Your thumb. Also, when calculations are used digital copies of Your cards, so Your data is encrypted and protected from outsiders.
Instant purchase
Use Raiffeisen Pay much better than pay card. Travel, food, things and tickets everything You wish with only one touch of a smartphone – and all paid for.
"Always on"
Once this feature is activated, You will be able to make payments even without opening the app. To pay, you only need to unlock the phone (specified method) or use the PIN code from the application.
And much more...
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