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Raiffeisen Pay

Our free mobile app that gives you the opportunity to pay bills with your smartphone, even if you left your card at home!

Starting March 31, 2020, technical support and updates for the Raiffeisen Pay app are no longer available.*


Activate the application by entering the login and PIN you provided when you first logged in to Raiffeisen Online

Mobile wallet

With this application you can store your bank cards and make any payments simply with your smartphone, which is with you every day.

Security of each transaction

Entries and calculations only happen when you enter your PIN or confirm with your fingerprint. Also, digital copies of your cards are used in the calculations, so your data is encrypted and protected from third parties.

Instant purchases

Using Raiffeisen Pay is much more convenient than paying with a card. Travel, products, things and tickets are all you want: just one tap away with your smartphone - all paid.

"Always on"

By activating this feature, you will be able to make calculations even without logging into the application. To pay, you only need to unlock your smartphone (the method you specify) or use a PIN from the app.

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What does ending support mean?

After March 31, 2020, the Raiffeisen Pay app will not be updated. Besides, the support information center and employees of the Bank's branches will not accept requests for technical support for the app.

What happens if you continue to use Raiffeisen Pay?

If you continue to use Raiffeisen Pay after the end of support, the application will continue to run and work, but since the application components will no longer be updated, we can not guarantee further compatibility of Raiffeisen Pay and the operating system of your Android smartphone.

What should be done?

We strongly recommend to switching for Google pay so that you can continue to use contactless payments on your Android smartphone.

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