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Cumulative programs for high education or additional pension

The long-term savings and protection program form insurance company UNIQA Life that will help you to meet your plans in future (high education for your childrens or your additional pension)


Benefits of the program

Guarantee savings
The opportunity is guaranteed to accumulate the required amount due to the burdensome periodic dues and the payment schedule
Insurance protection
Upon making the first payment, you and your family is under financial protection
Tax credit
The annual return of the government portion of insurance premiums paid by
Extra income

You get a guaranteed income of 4% pa (UAH) and 2% per annum (euro, dollar), as well as additional investment income

How the program works on the example of Helena

Elena, aged 33, has a daughter Maria for 3 years.

Elena wants to accumulate in the course of 15 years an amount of 350 000 UAH, so that Mariika had the means to receive high-quality higher education. Therefore, Olena signed an agreement on life insurance under the "Raiffeisen Elite" program.

According to which, after the expiration of the contract Elena will receive 350 000 UAH plus additional investment income accrued for the entire term of the contract (in this example, about 70 000 USD).

The amount of additional investment income depends on the results of the investment activity of the "UNICA Life" company during the term of the contract.

With her daughter, Elena envisioned in the contract that in the event of an unpredictable event (life-stamp as a result of the illness during the program's duration), her daughter will immediately receive an amount of 350,000 UAH (that is, the amount that Elena planned to accumulate for Mariyka). And in the case of Elena's departure from life due to an accident, the child's payment will double and amount to 700,000 UAH.

During the life of the insurance program, UNICA Life will pay Helen every year to the equivalent of 6,000 EUR for Helen's stay on inpatient treatment in Ukraine or abroad.

The cost of such a program for Elena - 24 840 UAH / year.

The reliability of the program

Reliability is guaranteed by the company UNIQA Life, the main insurance partner of Raiffeisen Bank Aval
Австрійська страхова група
Austrian insurance group
UNIQA Insurance Group operates in 1811, operates in 19 countries in Europe, and in Ukraine since 2006
Стабільний розвиток
Stable development

NICK's Life - the # 1 company in 2014 - 2016 for the insurance customers of banking institutions and every year the three largest insurance companies of Ukraine

УНІКА Життя виконує обов’язки
UNIKA Life acting

Payments UNIKA Life its customers: 22 million hryvnia in 2014, 28 million hryvnia in 2015, 25 million USD in 2016

Permanent partners UNIQA Life in Ukraine
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