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Together online: how to look for a provider on the Internet

The main question that will need to be answered by the entrepreneur opening the store is to solve the problem of where to get the goods. The profit level and overall business efficiency largely depend on this.

05 September 2019
DJ on the corn field

Mykhailo Nagornyak, agrarian innovator and owner of the Mnagor seed company, was the first in Ukraine to select instant sweet corn. In parallel with the Americans brought a variety of purple corn. And soon one more innovation will enter the market - sweet corn using Michelin-starred su-vid technology. The entrepreneur told us about his achievements and plans.

03 September 2019
Ways to protect trade secrets

The disclosure of trade secrets can cause great harm to business. Is it possible to prevent this and how to act in the event that your employee “leaked” information to competitors, says Managing Partner of Antika Law Firm, Doctor of Law Alexey Kot

03 September 2019
The concept of milk production will change in Ukraine

Since July 16, Ukraine has officially entered into force changes to the requirements for milk production. This will improve the quality and safety of milk and dairy products, as well as export products in accordance with European standards.

22 August 2019
Unmanned land transport - a new market segment

If you will not surprise anyone with drones, then unmanned vehicles in Ukraine and the world are still an innovation. The safety and security sector, agricultural sector, transportation, mining - unmanned vehicles for these areas already exist and are being tested. Says Yuri Tikhonov, development manager for the UAV production line of LLC INFOCOM LTD.

20 August 2019