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The confidence we need

Surprise is what our life is rich in. And although we are all set for pleasant things, no one is safe from “slipping, falling, losing consciousness, woke up - a cast” ... Insurance does not diminish the risks of injuries, but the unpleasant consequences of these cases for the wallet are for sure. The 24/7 Confidence insurance program, specially developed by UNIKA Insurance Company for Raiffeisen Bank Aval Business Banking customers, is not aimed exactly at this.

20 November 2019
Barter with an entrepreneur: features of accounting

Sometimes during the implementation of economic activity there is a need to pay not with money, but with goods or services. That is, pay off barter. The needs for such operations are especially relevant in crisis periods, and since they happen quite regularly, it is worth recalling the features of accounting for such calculations

20 November 2019
Instagram for business

For small and medium-sized businesses, Instagram is a channel of communication with the audience and a sales channel “in one bottle”. Ksenia Bondarenko, partner at FAQ-Agency, an expert on Instagram of the women's ecosystem WE ARE, talks about the business opportunity of the network

19 November 2019
Public Procurement: Awaiting Change

The Verkhovna Rada adopted a new version of the Law of Ukraine “On Public Procurement”. For bill No. 1076, which was put to the vote on September 19, 2019, 292 deputies cast their vote. Will he bring drastic changes

18 November 2019
Smart protection of company property

Thanks to the development of technology in recent years, new ways of protecting company property have appeared - from bearing to intellectual property. Let's talk about the technologies presented at the InCoForum International Forum in October

15 November 2019