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Financing energy efficiency projects

The program aims to improve energy efficiency, reducing costs for businesses in the future. Developed for companies operating in various industries such as agricultural production and processing, food industry, production of consumer goods, retail and wholesale of food and drugs, the production of pharmaceuticals and others.


Energy efficiency financing

Today Raiffeisen Bank Aval gives the current and potential customers of the bank the opportunity to receive financing for projects to improve the efficiency of energy utilization or the creation of renewable energy sources

The benefits of using


Positive impact on the environment

Імідж компанії
Company image

Improve the image of the company

Підвищення якості
Improved quality

Improved quality and competitiveness of your products

Зростання доходності
Increased profitability

Increased profitability of your business

Скорочення витрат
Consumption of energy

Consumption of energy and other resources reduces up to 50-80%

We know exactly what You need

Food Industry

Bread, Fat and Fodder, Confectionery, Brewery, Refrigerating Plant, Canned Products

Replacement of production equipment: bread makers, refrigeration equipment, etc.

Modernization: steam supply (insulation of pipes), etc.

Installation: heat pumps, biomass boilers (for example, on a sunflower lotion).

Disposal of waste heat.

High-speed automatic gates for warehouses.


Poultry farms, pig farms, greenhouses, growing grain

  • The production of heat and electricity from biogas.
  • Heat production from biomass; thermal generators.
  • Replacement of agricultural machinery.
  • Insulation of buildings.
  • Variable frequency drives for electric motors
Light industry

Manufacture of clothing, leather, textiles

  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Thermal insulation
Chemical industry

Pharmaceutical plants, plastics, rubber

  • Optimization of production processes
  • Buying new equipment
  • Replacing old equipment (boilers, compressors)
  • Waste heat recovery

Manufacture of equipment, vehicles, tools

  • Replacing production and mechanical equipment.
  • Replacement of compressors, transfrmators, lighting
  • Variable frequency drives for electric motors
Construction sector

Factories for the production of cement, brick, reinforced concrete structures

  • Replacing the furnace and other production equipment.
  • Purchase of new excavators, concrete mixers, etc.
  • Heat recovery waste gases.
Buildings, retail space, hotel sector

Industrial, administrative, commercial buildings of enterprises (supermarkets, shopping and entertainment centers, hotels, recreation centers)

  • Insulation and ventilation of roofs and walls, passive heating / cooling, 2-3-glazing.
  • Heating and cooling: installing new boilers, heat pumps, upgrading heating / cooling.
  • Hot water: new equipment, more efficient use of heat.
  • Lighting: new energy-efficient light bulbs, digital control systems, motion sensors.
  • Cooking / refrigeration equipment: new equipment, waste heat recovery.
  • Dr. equipment: cogeneration, new devices with high efficiency, control of production time, reduction of no-load losses / reactive energy, low-loss transformers.
  • Production of renewable energy: solar energy for heat, hot water for domestic use.
Renewable Energy

Wind turbines, biomass, wind parks, biogas power plants

  • Installation of renewable energy sources (EE) - wind turbines, solar panels for hot water production, biomass boilers for heat production.
  • Replacement of renewable energy equipment - boilers, low-power turbines.
  • Modernization - CHP, boilers, turbines.
Conditions for programme financing energy efficiency projects
Energy Efficiency Program: Detailed Terms
Financing of biogas and solar stations
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