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Deposit programs

Do you want to safely save your money? Get support? Increase your savings? Put them on deposit at Raiffeisen Bank Aval! This is a reliable way to save money and generate additional revenue.


Deposit programs

Raiffeisen Bank Aval offers deposit programs that can meet your needs. Receive SMS on your mobile phone about crediting and withdrawing funds to / from a deposit account for free.

Time Deposit Classic

Time Deposit Classic - the highest interest rate among existing deposits; without prolongation; without replenishment; without the possibility of early repayment; payment of interest at the end of the term.

Bet up to:
Minimum deposit amount

2000 UAH / 500 USD / 500 EUR

Deposit currency


Term of deposit

from 1 month

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Saving deposit program

Deposit “Saving” – with prolongation, with the right of replenishment and monthly interest payment on current account or interest capitalization, partial withdrawal during the grace period.

Bet up to:
Minimum deposit amount
500 UAH / 100 USD
Deposit currency
Term of deposit
3 months, 6 months, 367 days
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Deposit Bonus

Оffer on the deposit "Bonus" – the deposit for a period of 1 month with five prolongations, with increasing interest rate, with the right of partial withdrawal at the end of each month during the race period.

Bet up to:
Minimum deposit amount
2000 UAH
Deposit currency
Term of deposit
1 month + five mandatory renewals
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Deposit Universal

Deposit “Universal” – termless deposit with the right of replenishment and partial withdrawal and monthly interest capitalization

Bet up to:
Minimum deposit amount
100 UAH / 20 USD
Deposit currency
Term of deposit
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Want to choose the most appropriate contribution? Then compare them, you see all the pros and cons and select what you want.
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The advantages of deposits at Raiffeisen Bank Aval
The reliability of the Bank

According to the ratings of Raiffeisen Bank the most reliable Bank in Ukraine.

Guarantee of deposits
Raiffeisen Bank Aval is a member of the Private Deposit Guarantee Fund since 1999.
Ongoing support
Ongoing technical customer support 24/7
The safety of your deposits advanced savesecure membership Raiffeisen Bank Aval to guarantee Fund of individuals ' deposits
How to open a deposit?
Passport or other identity document
Certificate of Assigning an Identification Number (Registration Number of the Taxpayer's Registration Card) or the corresponding mark of the State Tax Service in the passport
For non-residents – document confirming the place of residence of an individual and a certificate confirming the sources of origin of cash in case of cash.
Useful information
information that may be useful for you
How to open a deposit?

You should apply to any fully functional outlet of the Bank and provide the following documents for the opening of a deposit account:

  • passport or a document substituting it, individual taxpayer’s accounting card (tax ID);
  • for non-residents – document certifying the place of residence of a private individual and a reference certifying sources of cash funds in case of cash payment.

For your convenience please call hotline of Call center at 0 800 500 500(free for landline calls within Ukraine), (044) 490 88 88 (city phone number) or 521 (for MTC subscribers), and the operator will schedule a meeting for the opening of a deposit account at the outlet. In such a way, you can apply to the outlet at a given time without staying in a queue.

How to replenish a deposit?

The replenishment may be cash and cashless.

The «Savings» and «Universal» deposit accounts may be replenished at any branch of Raiffeisen Bank Aval.

The «Universal» deposit can be replenished free of charge at the Bank’s branch where the account was opened. When replenishing such deposit account at another branch, the fee will be 0.7% of the replenishment amount, but not less than 5 UAH, 1 USD/EUR.

Cash and cashless replenishment of the «Classic» deposit may only be made during the grace period (within 7 days of the agreement prolongation date) at any Bank’s branch.

Cashless replenishment of the «Classic» deposit is being made in any Bank’s branch from a current account opened with Raiffeisen Bank Aval (MFO 380805). No fee is charged.

Cashless replenishment of the «Saving» deposit with no fee charged can be made in the following ways:

  • through a standing order or direct debiting from a current or card account into a deposit account;
  • in the Bank’s self-service centres using a debit card issued by Raiffeisen Bank Aval;
  • via “Raiffeisen Online” Internet-Banking system;

Cashless replenishment of the «Universal» deposit with no fee charged may be made in the following ways:

  • from one’s own card account through self-service centres,  by using a standing order, or via “Raiffeisen Online” Internet-Banking system;
  • by using one’s own current account “For payments”.

The «Universal» deposit replenishing from other accounts is made at 1% fee of the replenishment amount.

Grace period is a 7-day period after a deposit prolongation date, during which you may:

  • receive a part of your deposit without terminating the agreement, any fees or penalties;
  • replenish the «Classic» deposit (this deposit is not subject to replenishment in other periods).
How can one control account status?

The most handy way to control one’s account status is to use Raiffeisen Online Internet Banking for private individuals, which is provided free of charge.

You may also connect to the service of SMS notification on transactions with deposit accounts for private individuals by signing the respective application at the Bank’s outlet.

SMS notification is applicable to all transactions for the amount from UAH 100, USD/EUR 3 under Saving, Classic, Bonus term deposits and Universal deposit. The service is free of charge.

Does the Bank charge a fee for early termination of a deposit and haw do interest accrue?

If the deposit amount is paid out in the first month after the date of entering into the Agreement, the Depositor shall pay the Bank a fee for cash and settlement services in the amount of 0.5% of the deposit amount.

In case of an early termination of the agreement, interests on deposit shall be accrued in the following ways:

  • for the «Classic» deposit: the interests shall be recalculated based upon a current account rate from an opening date (or prolongation);
  • for the «Saving» deposit: the interests shall be recalculated based on the rate for the «Universal» deposit from an opening date (or prolongation);
  • for the «Bonus» deposit (1-month deposit with 5 prolongations): the interests shall be paid out in full for all full months including the grace period. 

In other terms, the interests shall be recalculated based upon a current account rate.

How is the deposit taxed?

Private individuals and individual entrepreneurs’ income in the form of interests accrued on bank accounts (deposit, current, card) shall be subject to individual income taxation regardless of the amount of received income:

  • taxation rate - 18%;
  • a military tax - 1,5%.

The Bank shall independently withhold and transfer tax from the amount of the accrued interests (interests less the amount of 19.5% are credited to the customer’s account).

The principal amount of the deposit shall not be subject to taxation.

How can a customer receive the deposit amount and interests?

The deposit amount (effective for all deposit types) and interests accrued may be received as follows:

  • in cash at any branch of Raiffeisen Bank Aval;
  • by setting up a standing order for direct debiting of interests or deposit amount from a current account “For payments” to a customer’s card account;
  • by instant transfer of funds from a current account “For payments” or the «Universal» deposit to a customer’s card account via “Raiffeisen Online” Internet-Banking system and by withdrawal of funds from an ATM.

In case of partial or full withdrawal of funds from the deposit where there is a possibility the commission fee is charged:

  • when withdrawing cash from accounts opened in UAH – 1% of the amount, but not less than UAH 25;
  • when withdrawing cash from accounts opened in the foreign currency:
    - in the branch where the account was opened – USD/EUR 1;
    - in any other branch of Raiffeisen Bank Aval – 1% of the amount, but not less than USD/EUR 1;
  • for cashless transfer of funds from the deposit to a current account “For payments”
    - in UAH – 1% of the amount, but not less than UAH 25;
    - in the foreign currency – USD/EUR 1;
  • for cashless transfer of funds from the deposit to an own card account via the Bank’s branch, the fee constitutes UAH 5, USD/EUR 1;
  • free of charge cashless transfer to an own card account from the deposit may be made via “Raiffeisen Online” system.

If the amount of deposit and interest to be paid out exceeds 5 000 USD or its equivalent in other currency, it should be pre-ordered in advance (2 banking days).

To pre-order a deposit amount, a customer shall apply to a branch of Raiffeisen Bank Aval and hand in a relevant application, or contact the Bank’s Call Centre and order the required amount using a customer identification card*, if any.

*In order to obtain the customer identification card, a customer needs to apply to the Banks branch and present his passport and tax ID.

Can a third party replenish an account of private individual resident?

A third party may replenish one’s UAH account for any amount.

Is a deposit was opened in foreign currency, it may be replenished by the account owner only or by a third party under a power of attorney (power of attorney for deposit replenishment is issued free of charge at a Bank’s branch).

Is it possible to receive an official statement of deposit?

Yes, a statement can be received at any fully functional branch.

If the statement is intended for submission to the embassy, it is recommended to apply to the outlet where the account was opened.

A passport or other documents certifying a person and a counterpart of the agreement shall be provided at a branch of the Bank.

Information about the service

The service opening and maintenance of deposit accounts for private individuals is provided on the terms and conditions of the Banking servicing agreement, which is concluded for an unlimited period.

After the closure of all accounts (including the deposit accounts) and full repayment of the debt to the Bank, the Customer has the right to initiate the termination of the Agreement (renounce the Agreement) at any time within the effective period of the Agreement by applying to the Bank’s branch with the respective written application.

The changes and amendments to the Agreement are introduced by the Bank by restating the Banking servicing rules for private individuals in Raiffeisen Bank Aval in a new version and publishing the respective new version on the website of the Bank once per month on the twenty-fifth day of the month (if the twenty-fifth day of the month is not a working day or is a holiday, the respective new version is published on the first working day following this day). The respective frequency of introduction of changes into the Rules is not applied, if the introduction of changes is required due to the necessity to align the terms and conditions of the Agreement with the requirements of the law of Ukraine (in such cases, the updated Rules are published on the Bank’s website and come into effect starting from the date indicated therein). The Customer is obliged to read the new (updated) Rules on the twenty-fifth day of each month.

The amount of costs subject to payment by the customer and/or the procedure of its calculation, including taxes, are defined in the Tariffs.

Out of court consideration of the customers’ complaints is carried out through the consideration by the Bank of the customers’ complaints and applications according to the procedure and within the period defined in the law of Ukraine On applications of citizens.

The Bank is the participant of the Deposits Guarantee fund that guarantees the reimbursement of the customer’s funds under his/her accounts opened in the Bank.

The service is provided by Raiffeisen Bank Aval JSC, NBU license №10 of 18.06.2018; EDRPOU code 14305909; entered into the State register of the Banks on 27.03.1992 under number 94; location: 9, Leskova Str., Kyiv, 01011; contact telephone numbers: 0 (800) 500-500 (044) 490-88-88; e-mail address ; the state regulation of the Bank’s activities is carried out by the National Bank of Ukraine  (9, Instytutska Str.,Kyiv, 01601; Hot line: 0800 505 240). The complaints of the financial services consumers may be filed at the Bank’s branches located at addresses ,or by phone by calling the Bank’s Call Center at 0 (800) 500-500 (044) 490-88-88, as well as by e-mail by sending the letters to the address

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