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11 October 2019

The coming five-year trend: the introduction of business robots

Deliveries of robotics from 2018 to 2022 will grow by 39% - to a record level. This was reported in the World Robotics report. In 2013, the number of robots used in business amounted to 178 thousand, in 2018 there were installed more than 420 thousand, and it is expected that by 2022 this figure will increase to 584 thousand.

More than a third of global shipments came from China, and the top five countries account for 74% of the market. These are China, Japan, Korea, the USA and Germany. Europe, as a region that began to actively conduct robots in the automotive industry decades ago, has the highest density of smart machines: 106 robots per 10 thousand people employed in the industry. While in the USA this figure is 91 robots, and in Asia - 75. Europe’s leadership in the field of robotics is explained by the fact that automation of production is the best way to reduce costs due to the high cost of labor in the region.

However, if we analyze the growth rates of the use of "cyborgs" in the world, we can say that the countries of the Asian region are taking the lead. In Singapore and Korea, for example, in a highly automated industrial production, the largest number of robots per 10 thousand workers is installed.

In the near future, the average annual growth rate in this area will amount to about 14% - this means that by 2021, 630 thousand smart cars will be put at the service of man on earth. The growth in demand for them is accompanied by a decrease in their cost: the average price of one industrial robot is about 40 thousand dollars. It is difficult to say what will happen to the value in the coming years, because this indicator is steadily decreasing. There are forecasts that in the next five years, the cost of the “iron worker” will approach the price of a good car. For Ukraine, this is still very significant, while in countries with a high cost of human labor, this technique pays for itself.

Aggressive growth in the industrial robotics market is caused by a number of factors. The main one is the ongoing large-scale modernization of Chinese industry: about a third of all global sales of industrial robots are in the Middle Kingdom. Another factor is the use of 3D printing and other new technologies for the production of robotic devices, which make them cheaper, more affordable and better. Significant investments in this industry also contribute to growth.

The growth of the industrial robotics market will continue until 2021 and beyond. According to earlier IFR data, almost 1.7 million smart cars will be sold from 2019 to 2021. Sales may increase by an average of 14% annually.